Imagine your spine lengthening, your hips opening, your shoulders releasing, all without your doing a thing. This is the bliss of a Thai yoga massage.

Over time our joints compress, which cause aches and pains.

Our fascia which connects muscle to bone becomes tight and stiff, due to dehydration, lack of movement. Which results in stiff sore muscles.

Through Thai massage we can create joint space relieving pain and soften the connective tissue, freeing you of stiff rigid muscles.

Other benefits of Thai include, increased range of motion, helps repair overused muscles, improves muscular tone, relief from multiple diverse ailments ranging migraines to sprains, bruises, and anxiety.

Thai massage improves circulation, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the internal organs, and relieves stress. Its a wonderful thing!

Thai Massage Rates:

55 min Thai $65

80 min Thai $85

24 hour notice of cancellation is required on all appointments, less than will result in full charge of the session. All regular priced packages expire 1 year from purchase date. We request payments to be payed in check or cash.

*Credit cards are accepted with an additional 3% fee per package price.

 ​About Thai Massage 


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