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Cellulite and Fat Retention

Metabolically inactive, fat cells do not release fatty acids of their own accord. When the body’s natural waste removal system starts to fail, waste products build up in fat cells and the connective tissue become saturated with fluids, inflamed and swollen. As fat cells enlarge, they also reorganize themselves. Excess fat storage puts lateral pressure on the vertically attached skin partitions and causes the cell membrane to become distorted, losing elasticity, shape and definition. The growing adipocytes also destroy the network of collagen and elastin fibers. These respond by thickening, forming hard pockets that encroach upon vascular and lymphatic vessels, further inhibiting microcirculation and the release of fatty acids. Externally, the skin develops an unsightly puckered or dimpled appearance.

Diagnose and treat!

Cellulite can be diagnosed and categorized into four stages. The more advanced the condition of cellulite, the greater the effort required to treat it.

When treating cellulite, the congested lymph and waste system needs to be cleared, the fibrosis around the hardened pockets of fat needs to be softened or broken down and the weak network of collagen and elastin fibers needs to be strengthened and re-modeled.

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​​The unique action of the motorized rollers combines with aspiration to rhythmically fold and unfold skin for intensive tissue rejuvenation.

​​​Endermologie® is a comprehensive, non-surgical treatment, using a patented safe and effective technique.  The procedure stimulates the body with deep, soothing motions that have been clinically proven to reduce, and in some instances totally remove, the appearance of cellulite.

This patented technique developed in France over 35 years ago, efficiently produces results using a non-invasive method applied through a course of weekly sessions.  From the very first treatment, Endermologie gently penetrates each skin layer, smoothing and beautifying shapely curves while the uplifting, relaxing pulsation exercises the skin, toning and tightening for a total body transformation and youthful radiant skin.

Clinically, the effectiveness of Endermologie lies in its action upon the body’s connective tissues, fatty tissues, as well as vascular and lymphatic vessels.  The motorized rollers rhythmically fold and unfold the skin, causing the density of the tissue to change, improving cellular and fluid exchanges. 

This pressure stimulates blood circulation, immediately resulting in an influx of blood nourishment and the removal of excess fluids and toxins.  The combination of the rollers and suction stretch the connective tissue fibers, resulting in a smoother, younger looking skin.

The average client begins to see visible results in 6 treatments. A total of 12-25 treatments is typically needed before going onto a once a month or bi-monthly maintenance. However, results vary per client i.e.,

weight, diet, exercise program and overall lifestyle.